The McCormack LD-2

Designed to be the control center of your audio system, the LD-2 offers full remote control of volume, balance, and source selection. The heart of the LD-2 circuit is the high performance Burr-Brown volume control, often found in far more costly equipment. It offers smooth and precise level adjustment with virtually perfect channel tracking. A carefully designed buffer-stage couples the level control circuitry to the output of the LD-2, while a discrete regulated DC power supply designed for near zero AC impedance provides a rock-solid foundation for these audio circuits.

To facilitate integration of your audio and video systems, the LD-2 features a Theater mode, which sets the LD-2 to unity gain and locks out the volume and balance controls, passing control to your surround sound processor. The LD-2's numeric display reads out the level settings in both channels in dB of gain or attenuation.

Audition an LD-2 to hear how it's powerful dynamics, great clarity and transparency, 3D sound-staging, and liquid, almost tube-like sound quality draw you into a world of musical beauty.


LD-2 Line-Stage
Gain: 20 dB
THD: less than .1 % at 1.0 v rms out
Hum and Noise: 100 dB below 2.5 v rms out
Dimensions: 19"W, 3.5"H, 11.25"D
Weight: 18 lbs.

LD-2 Optional Phono Stage
Phono Sensitivity (Selectable):
– low gain: 5mv input for 0.5v output @1kHz
– high gain: 0.9mv input for 0.5v output @1kHz
– low gain: -80dB relative to 10 mv input
– high gain: -75dB relative to 100 mv input

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